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(510) 859-8147

(510) 859-8147


Hello, I'm Aurora. 

  • Navigating workplace harassment or bullying?

  • Seeking safety and accountability after a sexual assault?

  • Struggling to resolve a personal or professional conflict? 

I provide real-time support, guidance, mediation, and restorative justice to move you towards safety, healing, and closure. 

Concerns You May Have

“I’m anxious about running into them.”

“I'm afraid that speaking up will just make things worse.”

“I’m worried they might do the same thing to someone else.”

“I’m not sure where to go for therapy or how to pay for it.”

My process is designed to address these and other common concerns. 

Moving Forward Together 

Intro call is free


Understand impact and inspire change


Shift behavior and norms


Cultivate confidence and skillfulness


Explore the outcomes you want


Identify steps you can take to feel safe


Gather support for action and healing

My Promises to You

 I will honor you as the expert on how we can keep you safe.

I will protect your privacy and keep the information you share confidential.

You’re in control of the process and can pause or halt my involvement at any time.


From a survivor I support

"Aurora was incredibly insightful in navigating a

difficult situation where a sexual assault took place

in the context of a relationship."

"Aurora has a tremendous capacity to act as a supportive, impartial mediator in difficult situations where

both parties have trouble seeing eye to eye."

My Focus Areas

What to expect from my process

 Toxic Workplace Behavior

I consult with professionals experiencing sexual harassment, bullying, and other forms of toxic workplace behavior. 


Let's work together to explore the outcomes you want and what options you have to improve the situation within your organization or move on safely. 

If you decide you want to address the behavior, I can help you identify allies within the organization who may be able to help shield you from retaliation and make sure the issue is taken seriously and addressed promptly. 

Many people who bring these kinds of issues to their managers or HR teams are frustrated by the process and find that they're often worse off for bringing the complaint forward. I can help guide you past the common pitfalls and set you up to get the outcomes you want to get back to work. 

Sexual Assault

I consult with people who have experienced rape, sexual assault, or domestic violence who are open to seeking accountability from the person who harmed them if we can make it safe for them to do so.

Based on the outcomes you're seeking, I'll suggest next steps to move towards safety, healing, and closure for you and accountability for the perpetrator. 

Let's work together to understand the risks that the perpetrator might try to retaliate against or undermine you, take steps to keep you safe, limit the perpetrator's ability to undermine or threaten you, and recruit allies to help "call them in" for a restorative justice process. 

The goal of a restorative justice process is for the perpetrator to  come to terms with the harm they've caused, apologize for the impact they had on you, and take steps to make amends, support your healing, and avoid causing future harm. 

Conflict Mediation

I consult with people struggling to resolve conflicts with their spouses, romantic partners, cofounders, coworkers, housemates, relatives, friends, etc. 

I start with an introductory call with each of you separately in order to understand your perspective and the outcomes you want. 

Next I'll meet with all parties together in person if you're based in the San Francisco Bay Area or over video chat if not.


During the mediation I'll ask each of you to reflect on why the relationship is important to you and what you like and respect about each other before delving into the conflict. 

Each of you will get a chance to share your perspective on what generated the conflict and we'll work collaboratively to create mutual understanding and identify a path forward that works for all parties.